Learn about Organic Diapers

Babies are not synthetic and neither should their diapers be synthetic. You've made the choice already to choose a resuable diaper, so why not choose the most natural and healthy option? Either way you have to wash the diapers, so you might as well choose diapers that wash easily.

Natural fiber diapers really do wash more easily than the synthetic pocket diapers. Why? It's about the fiber itself. Polyester is made of petroleum. Cotton is made from the cotton plant. It absorbs. It's not hydrophobic. This means not only do the cotton diapers absorb more quickly (which means fewer leaks) but it also means that the wash water can get into the fiber and do the job of cleaning so, so much better than a synthetic.

Have you noticed that your polyester clothes make you sweat? They still stink after being washed, too. But your 100% cotton clothes come clean easily and are more comfortable to wear, too. The same is true for your baby's diaper wardrobe. Cotton is the best fabric for cloth diapers! Try it. Learn more at Green Mountain Diapers.

There are many organic diapering options. Here are a few of them at Green Mountain Diapers.

natural fiber diapersSimplex cotton interior all-in-one Diaper  organic workhorse fitted diaperWorkhorse Made of organic cotton fitted Diapers

Workhorse diapers newborn baby natural diaperscloth-eez diapersGrowing Greens Organic DiapersGrowing Greens Organic Fitted Diapers

baby in organic diaper  organic prefolds

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